Energy Drink Lawsuits – Are Energy Drinks Safe?

The energy drink industry has become the target of several investigations recently regarding the hospitalization and/or death of individuals that have consumed their products. According to the FDA, 5-Hour Energy has been mentioned in some 90 filings that include at least 13 deaths from 2009-2012.  Last month, the FDA also noted that it had received filings that noted several fatalities involving the popular energy drink, Monster. These investigations have led to questions regarding labeling and the health risks that many energy drink companies fail to disclose.

Since many energy drinks are considered dietary supplements, they are not required to release the ingredients or the amount of caffeine that go into manufacturing their products. The company behind the most popular energy shot, 5-Hour Energy, claims that their products contain as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, which could be anywhere from 100mg to 200mg. According to many health experts, the recommend daily caffeine intake should be 200mg to 300mg per day

The FDA has stated that there isn’t sufficient evidence yet to alter the way they regulate caffeine or other ingredients in energy drinks. The issue gets even more complicated because some highly-caffeinated drinks are sold as beverages (and regulated as such), while others, like 5-Hour Energy and Monster Energy, are regulated as dietary supplements.

Regardless of the way the energy drink industry is regulated, a variety of health related problems have been linked to the over consumption of their products including: dehydration, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, and sometimes even death.

If you have taken an energy drink and suffered a serious side effect, please contact an energy drink attorney at The Nation Law Firm immediately. We are currently accepting energy drink cases in the Orlando, FL area and throughout the country. Please contact us directly at 1-800-Nation Law for a free consultation to evaluate the details of your energy drink claim.

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