What to do if You’re Involved in a Motorcycle Crash

Orlando Accident Attorneys

Orlando Accident Attorneys

It’s important to protect your financial and legal interests after a motorcycle accident. Some insurance companies look for ways to minimize injuries. Others automatically pin the blame onto motorcyclists for accidents in the hopes of reducing claim payouts, it is important to contact attorneys experienced with motorcycle accidents as soon as possible after you have been injured. In the meantime, the following can help guide your interactions with insurers and their representatives:

Should I Talk to an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Insurance companies often record calls in order to protect themselves in lawsuits. If you talk to a claims adjuster, they may ask leading questions in the hopes that you say something to justify denying your claim or reducing its amount. Secondly, if you’re not familiar with the claims process, they may ask you to release your medical records or ask you to see one of their doctors in order to “verify your injuries.” While their questions may seem innocent enough, in many cases they are simply fishing for anything that might allow them to reduce your claims payout or deny it altogether.

Should I Accept an Offer to Total My Motorcycle?

An insurer may offer to replace your motorcycle if the damage involved is substantial. However, if you accept a settlement offer on your bike, your insurer becomes the owner of it. Once this happens, the insurer can destroy the motorcycle and any evidence along with it that could have helped your case at trial.

Who Should I Call About Coverage Issues?

Since Florida is a no fault insurance state, your medical expenses may be covered under the “uninsured / underinsured” or “medical payments” provisions of your automobile insurance. If you are uncertain, it may be in your best interest to consult an attorney regarding your policy rather than an insurance claims adjuster who may start asking questions about your accident.

Can I Recover Medical Expenses Through My Health Insurance Plan?

It’s important to remember that most health insurance plans have limitations or exclusions for people involved in motor vehicle accidents. Even if a policy does not exclude accident victims per se, a doctor in an HMO may refuse to treat someone injured in a motorcycle accident under their health insurance policy. Even when coverage is accepted, a health insurer may make it difficult to receive proper treatment or see specialists by refusing to authorize care or referrals. Additionally, if you receive treatment under your health insurance plan, your health insurer can request reimbursement for treatment from any settlement or award received by you.

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