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In many cases, motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent car and truck drivers who simply fail to see motorcyclists when turning or changing lanes. As a result, it is common for other drivers to deny responsibility for causing an accident involving a motorcycle. In most cases, however, careful investigation of an accident scene, as well as analysis of the damage to the vehicles involved, indicates who was at fault. In order to expose negligent operation on the part of car and truck drivers, The Nation Law Firm works with a team of experts that includes road design engineers, skid mark analysts, traffic safety professionals and medical specialists. Employing the skills and knowledge of each expert, we evaluate the following common causes of motorcycle accidents and wrongful death:

Excessive Speeding

There are a number of ways to determine whether excessive speeding on the part of a car or truck driver played a role in a motorcycle accident. Measuring skid marks will often determine how fast a car was traveling since the length of a skid mark is a function of the speed a car was traveling at the time. Additionally, if a car or truck has a GPS system or black box data recorder, it is possible to analyze data to determine how fast a vehicle was traveling.

Disobeying Traffic Signals and Stop Signs

If a car or truck driver claims a motorcyclist ran a stop sign or traffic signal, determining how fast both vehicles were traveling at the point of impact is essential. If skid marks indicate a car was traveling in excess of 5 or 10 miles an hour, it is entirely possible that the car did not stop at the intersection where the accident took place. If the motorcycle was proceeding in the right of way, analyzing the damage to the car and its placement will often shed light on whether a motorist failed to come to a complete stop before proceeding through an intersection.

Improper Lane Changes

In addition to signaling, car drivers are supposed to look in their rear view mirror and over their shoulders to check blind spots before changing lanes. Too often, car drivers don’t signal lane changes, let alone properly check for obstructions before changing lanes. As a result, they don’t see motorcyclists and could deny any wrongdoing in causing an accident. However, analyzing paint and body damage to both vehicles, in conjunction with determining the speed each was traveling, we are often able to determine if a car turned into the lane of a motorcycle or changed into their lane. Our attorneys can also pull the cell phone records of the car driver to determine if they were on the phone or texting at the time of an accident.

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When investigating motorcycle accidents, we can use surveying techniques that allow us to link debris, broken branches, damaged guard rails and tire treads to the progression of an accident. Using this method, we can often recreate an accident, using computer animation to explain to jurors what happened and why.

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