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At The Nation Law Firm, our legal team of Orlando Attorneys is dedicated to achieving justice for those who have been injured or wronged.

Mark Nation

Mark Nation




Tom Brown

Tom Brown

Tracy Demetrius, Assistant to Tom Brown

Gregory Krak

Gregory M. Krak

Lisa Cluney, Assistant to Greg Krak

Thomas A. Player

Thomas A. Player

Leyna Blackbird, Assistant to Thomas A. Player

Justin H. Presser

Justin H. Presser

Sheila Ortiz, Assistant to Justin H. Presser

Paul Pritchard

Paul W. Pritchard

Greg Swartwood

Gregory David Swartwood

Jean Jones, Assistant to Greg Swartwood

Thomas C. Pena

Thomas C. Peña

Michael V. Hammond

Michael V. Hammond

Marc Jandy

Marc Jandy


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PIP Department


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Orlando Attorneys, Fighting For Your Rights

Unfortunately, the physical trauma of an injury is rarely the only problem you’ll encounter in the weeks and months following the incident. In addition to physical suffering, you might also lose pay if you’re unable to work, and could end up with large medical bills. You may also need to deal with multiple insurance companies to receive your rightful benefits. When you consult with the Orlando attorneys at The Nation Law Firm, we will work hard to represent your needs so that you and your family can focus on your recovery.

Essential Help From Orlando Attorneys

If your injuries are the result of other’s negligence, your attorney can work with you to make sure you receive compensation for lost wages and medical bills. We will also represent you in court against the responsible party, should it come to that. You’ll also find that the Orlando attorneys at The Nation Law Firm can assist you by ensuring that the insurance companies provide timely payments for your injuries, allowing you to meet your financial obligations without worry.

If you require the assistance of an Orlando Attorney, contact us at The Nation Law Firm. Our team was founded with the intent of providing clients with attentive and high quality service. When you need an attorney, you can rely on the years of experience we have in successfully representing clients in cases against insurance companies and major corporations.

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