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When your home is damaged by water, the damage can be devastating. Even after you clean up the water, the mud and toxic mold can leave the structure uninhabitable. The washer, dryer, refrigerator, furnace, and water heater will probably need to be replaced along with the carpeting and wall board. There may be structural damage to your home as well. Most homeowners’, businessowners and condo insurance policies cover most types of water damage, but they do exclude damage caused by “flood.” Because homeowners’, businessowners and condo insurance policies do not cover flood damage, insurers often deny claims for water damage by simply claiming the damage was due to flood. The really awful thing is that many times, even if you have flood insurance, the flood insurer will then deny the claim saying that the damage is not flood. We can help.

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At The Nation Law Firm, our attorneys have handled many water and flood damage claims. We know that there is a very strict legal definition of what constitutes a “flood.” We will investigate the damage to your property to determine if it meets that definition. Water damage from a broken pipe, for example, does not qualify as flood damage. In fact, many things that an insurance company may claim qualifies as “flood,” are actually not.

If water has damaged your home, business or condo you owe it to yourself to talk with an attorney who is experienced in handling water and flood claims.

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Our Orlando attorneys understand that it is extremely difficult to put your life back together after your home is damaged by water or flooding. Coverage disputes with your insurance company make it even harder.

Let us deal with the insurance company for you. We have taken on some of the largest insurance companies in the nation on behalf of our clients-and won.

To schedule a free consultation, please contact Mark Nation’s law firm and fill out our free case review form, or call toll free at 1-800-Nation-Law (1-877-324-7071) today. You pay no up-front fees and nothing at all unless we win. In many cases, we are successful in making the insurance company pay all of our fees and costs.

With offices in the Orlando area, our lawyers represent people with flood and water damage insurance disputes throughout Florida.

“Remember, there are never any fees or costs unless we win, and if we lose, I work for free.”-Attorney Mark Nation’s promise to you.

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