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Imagine being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, or another serious condition and having your insurance company refuse to pay for your treatment. Imagine having your health insurance coverage cancelled by the insurance company after you make a claim.

It happens every day.

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In an effort to cut costs and increase profits, health insurance companies frequently deny treatment or refuse to pay valid health insurance claims made by policyholders. They also engage in a tactic known as “rescission,” retroactively cancelling your coverage for supposed misstatements on an application form.

At The Nation Law Firm, our attorneys stand up for the rights of policyholders and help them get health coverage they are entitled to receive. For more than a decade, we have taken on large health insurance companies, and forced them to live up to the terms of their policies.

Justice Denied

All too often, we see insurance companies making healthcare decisions, rather than doctors making these critical decisions. The insurers may refuse coverage for treatments they call experimental even though medical professionals disagree. These disputes often result in a delay of potentially lifesaving treatment for the patient.

That’s just not right. At The Nation Law Firm, we fight for justice on behalf of sick and injured people who have been mistreated by their own insurance companies.

Regardless of the size of the claim, if you have had an insurance company deny a claim, delay payment of benefits, or cancel your policy after you make a valid claim, you should call and speak to one of our attorneys for a free consultation. In most cases, the insurance company will be required to pay our fees and costs.

To schedule a free consultation, please contact Mark Nation’s law firm online or call toll free at 1-800-Nation-Law (1-877-324-7071) today. With offices in the Orlando area, our lawyers represent people with health insurance disputes throughout Florida.

“Remember, there are never any fees or costs unless we win, and if we lose, I work for free.”-Attorney Mark Nation’s promise to you.

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