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Defective Roadway Design Lawyers

The auto accident that resulted in your injuries may have been caused by a defective roadway design or an improperly designed piece of roadway hardware. At The Nation Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience litigating catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases involving roadside hardware, and defective roadway design.

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Roadside hardware such as guardrails, traffic barriers, barrier terminals and crash cushions, bridge railings, sign and light pole supports, are supposed to save lives, but when improperly designed or negligently installed, roadside hardware can kill and maim. Similarly, poor road design and negligent construction can turn any street or highway into an unsafe road.

Effectively litigating roadside hardware and roadway design cases requires a thorough understanding of the interplay between federal and state regulations, as well as knowledge of the most recent research and technology available.

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed by a collision with a roadside structure such as a guardrail, sign post, or bridge, or has been injured because of a poorly designed roadway, you may wish to have Attorney Mark Nation’s law firm investigate the circumstances. Often our attorneys are able to show that the roadside structure, roadway, or work zone was negligently designed, leading to death or horrific injuries.

To schedule a free consultation, please contact us. With offices in the Orlando area, our lawyers represent victims of defective roadways and roadway hardware throughout Florida including travelers along I-95, I-4, the East West Expressway, Florida Turnpike, and Greenway (Greeneway).

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